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Allpoint ATM Connector

Pull in your ATM entities with the new Allpoint ATM connector!

Use this connector to quickly and simply pull in all of your ATM location information from Allpoint. Just click download, enter your Allpoint credentials, and the connector will pull in all the ATM entities from your Allpoint account.

Note: Because Allpoint users tend to format their hours in a custom way, this connector does not automatically bring in ATM hours. If you would like to ingest information on the opening hours of your ATM, edit the configuration of the connector once it's downloaded, and configure your hours information according to how your data is structured in JSON. For more information, read this step of Yext's data connector guide:

  1. Click "Install"

  2. Review the additions to your account and click "Next"

  3. Input your Allpoint API Credentials (Username/Password). If you don't know where to find these, we recommend submitting a support request with Allpoint.

  4. The connector will automatically pull in your entities!

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