Arcgate Menu Editor

Easily publish your menus to Yext using the Arcgate menu editor.

Arcgate manages menu data for some of the largest Food Delivery apps. This easy to use menu editor allows you to set up your menus and publish them to the Yext Content. Need help with menu transcription? Use our data entry services to have your menus transcribed accurately and published into the Yext platform. It’s hassle free and cost effective.

We can update and publish menu content for all of your individual locations. Offload the headache of publishing and managing menu content onto us. Realize business growth and acquire new customers by partnering with Arcgate to publish all of your menus into Yext quickly and cost effectively.

Please contact us at for details on how we can help get your menus into Yext.

To install the app:

  • Log into your Yext account and navigate to the Yext App Directory

  • Click on the "Arcgate Menu Editor" app and click “Install”

  • Click "Login with Yext" to authenticate the app using your Yext credentials.

  • Create your menus and publish them to Yext using the “Send to Yext” button.

  • Your menus will sync to Yext!

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