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Binary Fountain

Sync your Yext location/provider data with Binary Fountain to ensure both platforms are updated.

Binary Fountain provides a single view across managing the entire patient experience in a healthcare-focused platform. Leveraging patient feedback from online ratings and reviews and patient surveys, Binary Fountain helps healthcare systems, hospitals and physician practices increase patient acquisition and loyalty, impact revenue and create a better patient experience.

The integration between Binary Fountain’s Platform and Yext Content helps ensure accurate data by automatically syncing location and provider data from Yext to Binary Fountain, using the National Provider Identifier to ensure exact matches.

The provider demographics synced are:

• Physician’s first name, middle name and last name

• Physician’s gender

• Address, Address 2, City, State and Zip

• Phone

• Headshot

The location demographics synced are:

• Location Name

• Address, Address 2, City, State and Zip

• Phone

• Location photo

Note: You must have Binary Fountain admin privileges and Yext for Healthcare entity access to use this app.

  • Notify your Binary Fountain Account Director that you plan to install the app so that they can provide any support needed along the way.

  • Navigate to the Binary Fountain app in the Apps tab of your Yext account

  • Click “Install”

  • Authenticate the app to access your Yext and Binary Fountain accounts using your respective credentials

  • In Yext, create a new custom field called “Live Location Provider” with the API name “Live_Location_Provider”. Set the field specification to “Yes/No”. Set the field availability to include “Locations” and “Healthcare”. There is a screenshot of this process below.

  • Use the Live Location_Provider field to indicate which locations/providers you would like to sync to Binary Fountain, if applicable. Entities toggled “Yes” will sync and entities toggled “No” will not.

  • Your location and provider data is now syncing!

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