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Guru Card Connector

Easily sync your Guru Cards into Yext Content!

Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution where users store collections of information on cards. With the addition of the Guru Card connector, you can now pull all relevant data from Guru Cards including collection names, board titles, and last verified date to use in Yext products.

  1. Install the Guru Card Connector into your account in one of two ways: Head over to the “Apps” tab on your account, click “Directory” or head to the Connectors tab in your account.

  2. Click on “Guru Card Connector”

  3. When you install it, you will be prompted to fill in the username and password to be used to pull in the Guru Cards from your Guru instance. Your username will be the email of an admin on your Guru instance. The password will be what Guru calls a User Token that has access to your Guru instance. You can ask your Guru admin for the User Token. Here is more information about User Tokens:

  4. Fill in the values for username and password once you’ve retrieved them and click Authorize.

  5. After you’ve completed the installation flow, the connector will run automatically!

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