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Outreach Sequence Connector

Pull in all of your Outreach Sequences into Yext.

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that assists companies to proactively guide growth, scale workflows and bring science to their forecasting. Sync all of your Outreach Sequences to Yext to power your workplace solution!

This simple app allows you to pull all of your Outreach Sequence data into Yext including names, descriptions, sequence type, sequence last updated, and more! This connector is configured to run weekly, keeping all of the data up to date with just one simple connection.

This app creates a custom Outreach Sequence entity type and creates custom Outreach Sequence custom fields.

To install the Outreach Sequence Connector:

  1. Log in to your Yext account

  2. Navigate to Knowledge Graph > Configuration > Linked Accounts and select +Add Linked Account button next Outreach. This will prompt you to sign in to your Outreach account with OAuth.

  3. Copy the linked account ID from this page, you will need this during installation.

  4. Next, navigate to the Apps > Directory tab in the platform (or use the link provided above).

  5. Search for the Outreach Connector app and click Install.

  6. Accept the following changes to your account by clicking Next and input the linked account ID you just copied when prompted.

  7. Wait for the connector to run and see all of your newly created Outreach Sequence entities in the Knowledge Graph tab in the platform!

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