Stop using screenshots for compliance. Automate content records for Yext pages and websites.

Pagefreezer provides Yext marketers an automated way to meet compliance and legal obligations for keeping web records in a more defensible format than traditional backups can provide. For many companies, accurate records of Yext pages need to be kept in case of an audit. Similarly, should a company face litigation based on the content communicated on its Yext Pages, it would need defensible records of page versions to show exactly what was displayed on a given date. With Pagefreezer, regular changes to Yext Pages can be archived securely, and dynamic page content like comments and videos can be captured.

The app lets Pagefreezer automatically capture Yext Pages, which in turn allows marketers to:

  • Forget the pain of screenshots by automatically recording activity on pages

  • Show accuracy with replayable versions of Yext Pages, including videos and comments

  • Easily monitor and review all edits, additions, and deletions to a page

  • Find information quickly with advanced searches of all archived content by keyword, date, and other filters

  • Prove authenticity with legally admissible records of content, complete with metadata, timestamps and SHA-256 digital signatures

The Pagefreezer app is available globally to customers in all channels. Any Pagefreezer customer with a Yext Pages subscription can utilize this integration.

To install the Pagefreezer app from Yext:

  • Click on the Pagefreezer app in your Yext account and click “Install”

  • You will be taken to the Pagefreezer log-in page

  • Log in to Pagefreezer with userID/Password

  • You should see a screen saying “Connect with Yext?”

  • Click “Yes”

You’re finished! Verify your website settings and select ‘Integrations’ on the left side panel. The Yext integration should say ‘connected’.

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