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Create a beautiful, mobile-optimized website from your Facebook Page in seconds.

Pagevamp is a digital platform that instantly creates an attractive, easy-to-use website directly from your Facebook Page. You simply update your Facebook Page with new posts, photos, events, etc and they will automatically display on your website. While we primarily sync and display data from your Facebook Page, our platform is flexible enough to allow you to add new content and customize your website well beyond what is on your Facebook Page.

For many small businesses around the world, Facebook is the first step towards building their online presence. Pagevamp is a natural next step for these businesses who can now get their own branded website along with a domain name to improve their SEO and offer an additional channel for conversion.

With Pagevamp, you can:

Build a website that automatically updates itself by syncing with your Facebook Page

Add new content, and customize your website

Create an online store to sell your products and services

Seamlessly integrate third-party apps into your website

Manage SEO tags that directly affect your website’s online visibility

Register a custom domain name that represents your brand

The Pagevamp app gathers and organizes the data in your Accounts and Locations. Among other pieces of information, each of your Locations contains a Facebook Page URL. This is the Facebook Page that is used when you create a website. Once the website is created, our app will automatically pull posts, photo albums, video albums, events, general information, and contact information from your Facebook Page, and will update them on your website.

To install and use this app, all you need is an active Yext account and a Facebook Page.

With our app, you can create a website from any kind of Facebook Page. The only exception would be a Page that has a user-imposed restriction on it, such as a geographic or age restriction. Pages with such restrictions do not allow us to pull and sync content, and therefore cannot be used to create a website.

To install the app, you will need to:

– Go to the “Location” for which you want to create a Pagevamp website.

– Scroll down to the section called “Social Media”, and make sure that you have a Facebook Page URL there.

– Go to “App”. Go to the category called “Websites”, and select Pagevamp.

– Now, go to and login. – Click “Continue with Yext”. You will now be taken to the Pagevamp Partner dashboard.

– Go to the “Clients” tab on the left panel. Then, click “Add Client” at the right.

– On the pop-up that appears, select your “Account” and “Location”, and click “Next”.

– Our system will pull up an image of the Facebook Page listed in that Location. Click on the image, and then click “Next”.

A mobile-responsive website has now been created. You can visit the website to take a quick look at it, or you can go ahead and edit the website.

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