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Wistia Videos Connector

Pull in your Wistia videos with Yext's Wistia Data Connector.

Pull in your Wistia Videos with Yext's Wistia Connector! Wistia is a video and media management company that gives clients the ability to securely store and manage all their video content. With the addition of the Wistia Videos Connector, you can pull in all of your videos into Yext Content to be used across Yext products.

Before you install this app, you will need to have your Wistia bearer token, which you can find in the API tab of Account Settings in your Wistia account. Note that if you need to generate a new bearer token, you must be the Account Owner.

Once you've generated your bearer token and copied it to your clipboard:

  1. Install the Wistia Videos Connector.

  2. Accept the following changes to your account by clicking Next.

  3. Provide your Wistia bearer token.

  4. Wait for the connector to run and see all of your newly created Videos entities into Content!

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