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YouTube Video Connector

Enrich Content with videos from your YouTube channel!

YouTube is a platform for creators to publish videos and share their content. With the addition of the YouTube data connector, you can pull in all of the videos on your YouTube channel into Yext Content to be used in Yext products.

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YouTube Terms of Service:

  1. Install the YouTube Video Connector into your account in one of two ways: Head over to the “Apps” tab on your account, click “Directory” or head to the Connectors tab in your account.

  2. Click on “YouTube Video Connector”

  3. When you install it, you will be prompted to fill in the API key to use to make API calls to pull your YouTube videos into Yext and the channel ID of your YouTube channel you want to pull in videos from.

  4. If you don’t already have an API key to use, you can create one by following the steps in the “Before you Start” section here:

  5. You can find your channel ID by following these steps:

  6. Fill in the values for API Key and Channel ID and click Done.

  7. After you’ve completed the installation flow, the connector will run automatically!

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