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Google Business Profile API

Learn how the Google Business Profile API lets you manage your business location information — and gives customers another way to connect with you.

The Google Business Profile API was developed to empower businesses to manage their information on a granular level — whether they had one location or hundreds — all without having to leave the platform. The API provides more capabilities than location basics: businesses can respond to reviews, add photos, and track how customers interact with them through their Google profile.

APIs are the intermediary that lets two software applications communicate. An API is used to let you log in to a platform using your Google or Apple profile or track your package through a retailer's website. In other words, it lets you connect with outside software and transfers information back and forth.

The Google Business Profile API has specific functions. You can manage individual location information, like hours of operation and menu changes. You can also receive notifications for new reviews, answer customer questions, respond to reviews, and create profile posts. Additionally, the API offers insightful data, from how customers search for your business to how they engage. Engagement might be a call or booking through a link in your profile.

Businesses looking to maximize their presence, control how information is presented on Google, and manage multiple locations, especially with limited resources or the need to be efficient, will benefit from the Google Business Profile API. Since brands must be digital these days, managing your online presence efficiently and effectively across third-party experiences is crucial: over half of customer interactions with brands occur off of their website — and you can't afford to ignore half of the customer journey.*

Customers expect relevant information and engagement through every channel throughout their journey. They want current information and swift answers so they can make informed decisions. Tools like the Google Business Profile API critical components of a streamlined, engaging customer experience.

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