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Search and Generative AI

Learn how AI trends are disrupting industries, the challenges of using generative AI, and if ChatGPT could replace traditional search engines.

From ChatGPT to image creation to personalization, nearly every facet of the customer journey is now being reimagined through the lens of AI. But what does this really mean for the future of your brand online? Further, what is the impact of the "AI revolution" on how consumers search for information — and the content they find there?

Join Fabrice Canel, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Bing, Christian Ward, Yext's Chief Data Officer, and Duane Forrester, Yext VP, Industry Insights as they explore the latest on IndexNow and real-time content indexing, and the challenges of using generative AI.

To help you stay competitive in 2023 and beyond, we will break down:

  • How the emerging artificial intelligence trends are disrupting the industries

  • Practicalities and challenges of using generative AI

  • Whether chat bots like ChatGPT could reinvent or even replace the traditional internet search engine

  • And so much more!

Fabrice Canel
Principal Product Manager
Christian J. Ward
EVP, Chief Data Officer
Duane Forrester
VP of Industry Insight

Join us for discussions about emerging AI technologies with leaders across industries.