Yext’s Summer '23 Release Is Here

By Nick Oropall

Jun 27, 2023

4 min

Thanks to the increased prevalence of AI, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and so too are the expectations of consumers. Businesses need a partner who can help them to effectively leverage AI and create consumer-grade experiences.

Yext's Summer '23 Release is packed with content to help businesses around the world harness AI and power incredible digital experiences. Starting today, you can turn on early access features to help:

Power better conversational experiences

Conversational experiences have exploded – as have user expectations of them. And now, with advancements in large language models (LLMs), enterprises can finally provide chat experiences that truly answer users' questions and help them accomplish their goals.

Yext Chat helps you to leverage LLMs together with Yext Content to serve responses that are tied directly to your data. You'll be able to answer natural language questions, collect leads, deliver support and more.

And for a bonus, you're also able to use natural language to create goals for specific use cases (such as collecting emails or answering questions) – making setup feel as simple as providing instructions for another human being.

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Generate responses to reviews

Responding to reviews is an important way of engaging with your customers – but addressing all of your reviews manually can be an intensive process that requires time, money and outside help.

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Yext leverages LLMs to create relevant, effective review responses and save your team time. You can create your own prompts to specify response tone, topics to focus on or avoid and much more.

Scale your content strategy

You know that content is king for digital experiences. But scaling to keep up with content that your customers, and search engines, are looking for is a challenge.

With enhancements to Content generation in Yext Content, our headless CMS, you can leverage LLMs to create more content – scaling your content strategy for owned and third-party digital experiences across your Listings, Pages, Search and Chat.

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Scaling your content strategy isn't as simple as plugging prompts into a large language model, you'll need a technology that enables you to enact that strategy in an efficient and effective way. With Yext, you can now generate content in bulk, leverage suggestions and take advantage of automatic ongoing updates so that your content is always up to date and on brand.

Build consumer-grade digital experiences

Our Summer release offers diverse updates to help you build consumer-grade experiences with ease:

1. Search Files. Your content exists in many different formats throughout your environment, including your files, which may or may not exist in your current CMS.

Your files contain important information that your customers and employees should be able access, but in the past, it could be challenging to search through.

In our last release, we announced that Yext could store files in our platform. Now, we can search them.

Starting today, you can search the contents of files such as PDFs and Word documents to power even more engaging Search experiences. This feature will give you the ability to extract text content from files and search in that content as if it were a standard text field in your CMS.

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2. Build More Complex Web Applications. Your website is a critical part of your digital experience. But today, websites are no longer just brochures of information: they are business hubs where your users can interact with your brand.

To create a better 'business hub', extend your use of the Yext platform – and your website – using Serverless Functions for Pages. Serverless functions open up new use cases such as user authentication, form submission, trigger-based tasks and more. Developers can now define and invoke on-demand TypeScript code as part of their web applications, with zero backend configuration or server maintenance required.

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3. Improve Data Visibility with Snowflake. Your digital experience is never static or complete: you need to build, analyse, constantly optimise. The only way to do that well is to holistically look at your data from experiences around the web.

Now, you can now reliably access, and act on, critical data insights by leveraging the speed, scale, security and performance of Snowflake's platform.

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With Snowflake Data Sharing, you can securely both retrieve or share your data without data transfer if you already have a Snowflake account.

Ready to learn more? Dive into our Release Notes for a roundup of the new features or register for our release virtual event.

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