Early Access To Yext’s Spring '23 Release Is Here

We've been innovating to help you power incredible digital experiences across the web via Listings, Pages, Search, and more.

By Nick Oropall

Mar 22, 2023

2 min

Early access to Yext's Spring '23 release is now available — making it even easier for you to build amazing digital experiences in a multitude of ways.

Starting today, you can now turn on early access features to help:

Build powerful web experiences with a visual editor

Yext Studio is a brand new visual editor that your developers and content editors will love. Yext Studio allows developers to build custom components that your content editors can drag and drop on a page, helping create great UI more easily.

Every update made by the content editors writes React on the backend and pushes code to a shared GitHub repository — making collaboration simple.

Leverage AI to generate content (right from the Knowledge Graph)

The Knowledge Graph is now a CMS that can generate its own content.

New generative AI capabilities will enable your Knowledge Graph to create and proactively suggest content, such as blogs, FAQs, descriptions, and more — at scale – with the help of large language models (LLMs). Pre-built and custom templates make it easier than ever to build out a robust content strategy.

Click here to read more about content generation (and why it matters).

Serve Files in Your Web Experiences

You can now deliver even more robust web, search, and custom experiences by serving PDFs, Docs, videoExcel files, and more in your web experiences.

The new File field type will allow you to upload files into the Knowledge Graph to be hosted in Yext's file storage system. Soon, you will even be able to search file contents using natural language understanding.

Take Advantage Of Our Apple Business Connect Integration

Finally, we're proud to announce our new direct integration with the Apple Business Connect APIs — which enables you to seamlessly sync Knowledge Graph data directly to Apple listings.

Now, it's easier than ever to push real-time updates — giving you greater control over information across Apple Maps (and throughout the Apple ecosystem, with Maps as the entry point.)

Ready to learn more? Dive into our Release Notes for a roundup of the new features or register for our release webinar.

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