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Customer Service 101: The Basics

We look at the basics of good customer service, including how it affects your company, how to measure it, and what to do to improve it.

By Yext

Oct 7, 2021

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We don't need to tell you how critical it is for businesses to provide excellent customer service that goes above and beyond to fulfill the demands of customers. When organizations want their consumers to have positive experiences and perhaps become brand champions in the future, having a strong knowledge of what they want and how to provide it is one of the greatest methods in establishing a positive connection.

So, let's dive into the basics of excellent service, how to measure your current effectiveness, and what to do to improve in the future.

Customer Service 101: The Customer Service Basics

In its most basic form,customer service refers to all of your company's contracts with its clients.

This involves telling customers about your products and services before they buy them, as well as any customer care you give during and after the sale. Customers may be more worried about your customer service if it is a recurring subscription service since they will most likely need to engage with your company on many occasions.

When customers are satisfied with your customer service, they are much more likely to continue doing business with your company, improving your bottom line. Customer acquisition costs for existing customers are far lower than those of new customers, so you'll see a corresponding increase in your profit as more and more customers continue utilizing your services.

How to Measure Customer Service Effectiveness

Keeping track of reviews is one of the greatest methods to assess your customer service training compared to what your customers anticipate. Customers may provide comments on a bad experience on a variety of sites, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp! It might be daunting to keep track of all of those platforms at all times, especially if you have a huge following.

That's why it's essential for retailers or your small business to have reviewtracking software. All of your customers' reviews will be right at your fingertips, with a comprehensive dashboard that displays the information pulled from various websites when your brand is mentioned. It also makes it easier to build relationships and rapport with external customers (and internal customers). This is an essential part of meeting your customer's needs and going the extra mile.

If a client complains their frustration about your firm's customer support team online and you show empathy, tenacity, and a willingness to resolve their concerns, that could be the difference between them terminating their connection and remaining a customer.

Even if they decide to take their business elsewhere, they are unlikely to continue to post unfavorable reviews of your customer service team, and other potential customers will see that your firm is ready to connect with consumers, even when your customers feel dissatisfied.

Customer complaints and compliments also give useful information about the things they like and places where your business may improve. These insights can benefit your business by assisting you in making future data-driven decisions.

How to Improve Customer Service

The finest customer service predicts customer interactions and goes above and beyond to not just satisfy but to surpass them. When a consumer interacts with your company's personnel, they will have the finest possible experience. Because so many consumers place such a high value on a company's customer service, you want your firm to stand out by giving them all they want and more.

Be Proactive

This ties into measuring your current levels of customer service and how effective they are at solving problems and raising customer satisfaction. Monitoring current data and asking clients to complete surveys are both effective ways to gauge general satisfaction with your business.

Keep track of important information, including how long it takes to resolve difficulties, how long consumers wait on average for a free customer care representative at your help desk, and how long it takes for customers to obtain a response to their query.

This may also assist you in identifying possible prospects for your company's growth. If consumers are regularly unhappy with chatbot replies, it's likely that the bots aren't performing all of their tasks or that the knowledge they're giving isn't relevant to the customer's demands. When they are happy, they'll be able to tell you through surveys as well.

Be Attentive

Good communication involves attentiveness. Customers don't deserve to feel like they're communicating with a brick wall, especially when they have a pressing question. Customers call because they want to speak with a real person. If they felt their problem could be solved with automated responses, they might have used your chatbot or looked up the FAQ on their own. Customers will quickly become irritated if they have to navigate a long and complex voice menu in order to speak with a live person.

Customers who don't feel like they're being listened to are less likely to spend time providing you suggestions for future actions or expressing their expectations. One simple approach to fight this is to make it generally known when you make changes to your products, services, website, or company based on customer feedback. Make it known to the world that you pay attention to what your consumers have to say, and they'll soon have much more to say about what they hope you can help them achieve.

One of the most important things to understand about customers' expectations is that angry customers criticize your organization when they are unsatisfied and feel it can perform better. They won't bother if they don't engage or don't believe you can make a difference. Customers will gladly tell you what they want if you consistently demonstrate that your company is interested in learning what they want.

Personalize the Experience

Meeting yourconsumers' expectations for customization is one of the finest ways to provide them a positive experience. When you log on to Amazon, for example, you'll see that all of your account information, including past purchases, orders out for delivery, and payment information is all there. If you have an issue with an order that is lost in the mail, it's very easy to submit a form that automatically populates with your relevant information.

Client information saved in your database and available through accounts online or phone menus saves both the customer and your reps time and effort. Your clients may be automatically directed to the optimal agent for their query rather than spending time being moved among several agents and repeating the same information over and over.

Reduce Waiting Time

Customer service professionals must do everything possible to reduce the length of time clients wait for a response in a live chat, on social media channels, or over the phone. Plenty of people tweet out a question and expect an answer from a company rep within minutes. That means consistently monitoring hashtags and mentions in addition to checking for emails and waiting for calls.

This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, but the ideal method is to empower your consumers to search for answers to some of the most frequent problems or inquiries on their own. That way, only those who have more difficult problems that demand a human touch will phone in, and your staff will not be overburdened with calls that might be addressed in a matter of seconds.

A long wait time may aggravate the situation as customer service representatives try to accommodate the caller. Companies shouldvalue their customers' time, as well as their employee's time, and do whatever they can to facilitate fast problem-solving.

Offer Learning Tools

If you add a thoroughsearch bar on your website, consumers will never have to spend energy browsing through dozens of pages to locate the one thing they're searching for. Adding criteria to searches, in addition to having a search box, allows customers to narrow down their results to items and websites that are relevant to their search.

Many clients, particularly Millennials, prefer to use self-service technology rather than speak with a customer support representative these days. You may decrease the need for customers to contact or phone your support center by providing FAQs, training videos, and straightforward advice for frequent website difficulties.

These options are less expensive for your business as well as handier for your consumers. Having many blog articles that cover certain subjects and address frequently asked questions is an excellent approach to building a knowledge base that customers and workers can utilize to learn more about your company's products and services.

In Summary

The best customer service is an easy part of your business to overlook, yet it's critical to know what your customers want. If you want to increase income by growing your audience and keeping current customers, you'll need to devote time, resources, and money to enhancing your customer service skills.

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