Provide the Public with Accurate Information

As information changes by the minute, give people a single, central place where they can ask questions and get answers — about reopening policies, employment benefits, executive orders, CDC guidance, and more — without flooding your hotline.

How to Provide Accurate Information

Answer Every Question

As the world begins to reopen, people continue to have questions about the impact of COVID-19 — and they don't have time to sift through page after page to find what they need.

Put Natural Language Search on Your Site

Provide an intelligent search experience that understands natural language phrases and the meaning behind them. Be able to answer questions like "Do I have to wear a mask at the grocery store?" and "Are tennis courts still closed?"

Capture Customer Search Data

Prioritize your focus by utilizing search data to provide answers to the most common questions the public is asking. Help the public find answers to all of their pressing questions on their own while reducing the burden on your hotline.

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