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Duplicate Suppression

Inconsistent and inaccurate listings can impact sales. With Yext, you can suppress all of your brand’s duplicate listings at once.

Duplicate listings occur when search engine crawlers and data aggregators auto-create local listings. These listings are created on your brand's behalf using information they find across the internet.

The solution to this problem is duplicate suppression. If you delete a duplicate listing manually, without deleting it at the source, you may find it can continue to pop up. This can create a time-consuming, repetitive cycle of reactive updates.

To fix your duplicate listings for good, you need to correct this issue at the publisher level. Until the source information changes, data aggregators and search engine crawlers will continue to create these listings on your behalf — and show them in your customers' search results.

Why you should suppress duplicate listings

Duplicate listing suppression is crucial to any local SEO strategy. This is because your customers are more likely to interact with your listings more than your website — 2.7x as much, in fact.

But if a customer finds incorrect information on your listing (like out-of-date contact information), they may not convert. In fact, 63% of consumers say they aren't as likely to engage with a business if their listing has incorrect information. And in one Yext survey, brands that filled out at least 86% of relevant core fields received 43% more impressions on search engines. Additionally, these businesses saw 62% more clicks to their business listings.

Search engines take note of duplicate listings, too. They rank your listings in the local pack based on the quality and accuracy of the information they find.

Duplicate listings can provide conflicting or out-of-date information. This hurts a brand's reliability in the eyes of the search engine. This lowers the brand's trustworthiness — and negatively impacts its search engine rank.

All this data points in one direction: accurate location listings are key for proper geomarketing. They bring better discoverability for the brand and better digital experiences for customers.

Duplicate Suppression with Yext

Brands use Yext's Duplicate Suppression feature to deactivate duplicate listings from dozens of publishers within the Publisher Network. With this, your customers only find brand-approved listings.

With Duplicate Suppression, marketers have access to:

  • Automatic Duplicate Detection: This proprietary technology automatically identifies which listings to suppress, and which listings to optimize.

  • Unlimited Suppression: Use this feature to suppress listings for a business location. Suppress duplicate listings, permanently closed locations, and more — as many times as needed.

  • Publisher-Level Suppression: Duplicate listings are created in several different ways. But there's only one way to solve them before they reach customers: at the publisher source. Yext works directly with dozens of publishers to suppress duplicate listings — correctly and effectively.

  • Suppression Status and Verification: Suppressing duplicates requires an ongoing signal to the publisher. Yext's proprietary API connections lets your brand constantly communicate information with publishers. And, it notifies your users with the status of any remaining duplicate listings.

  • Duplicate Redirects: Redirect traffic from duplicate listings to a root listing. This preserves your hard-earned organic search ranking (and traffic to your listing).

With Yext Listings, you'll have access to features that address the duplicate listings issue at the source. Duplicate Suppression can help your business gain maximum visibility online. Learn more about how Yext can help optimize your business' local SEO with Duplicate Suppression.

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