Yext Pages: Architecture

The building blocks for success in intelligent search.

Customers are mobile like never before, relying on in-the-moment searches to get the knowledge they need. In response, search engines now return not just ten blue links, but intelligent answers in the Knowledge Card, Local Pack, and more. To succeed in this mobile world, it’s imperative that you optimize every fact about your business for intelligent search.

Yext’s proven, SaaS-based approach helps you win in today’s new era with fast-loading page architecture, optimized rich content, and guaranteed consistency between the data search engines find on your own site and across the web. Yext paves the way to your doorstep no matter where, when, or how consumers choose to seek their next answer or destination.

Architecture built for speed.

Yext’s unique Build and Publish Architecture makes Yext-powered Pages load quickly, making them easier to read for consumers and search engines alike. This approach also provides a fundamentally safer environment, free of runtime errors, and is more scalable than traditional web application server architectures.

Yext Pages load faster than the industry standard. This makes it easy for crawlers to index your digital knowledge and return results to searching consumers with unprecedented speed.

Content built for conversion.

Pages pave the way for crawlers to index your information and display rich answers in their results. And they create great consumer experiences.

Yext Pages use best practices to ensure search engines find and understand all the facts about your business, from NAP to categories, hours, and upcoming events. Once consumers arrive at your site or open your app, Pages display calls to action that drive engagement and revenue, like “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store” or “Make a Reservation”.

Consistency built for SEO.

Search engines view brands as the authoritative source of knowledge about their own people, places, and products — after all, no one knows you better than yourself. But if crawlers find that your phone number, address, or hours appear differently on your own site or any other sites they crawl, their trust in you erodes quickly.

With Pages and Listings together, Yext ensures that every source search engines consult confirms what you show on your site — giving crawlers confidence that your site is authoritative and further boosting your SEO.

Design built for any device.

Yext’s team of experts work with you to define page layout and design, so every page on your site and app works in unison to create meaningful customer experiences from search to sale.

With Yext’s flexible page design, you choose the best content, layout, and calls-to-action for your business. Yext-powered Pages adopt your brand’s assets and imagery so they fit seamlessly in with the rest of your site and apps. And responsive design ensures every component responds to every screen and device — ensuring you create the best experience possible for every customer, during every visit.

See first-hand how the Yext Knowledge Engine can help you better manage your digital knowledge and attract more customers.

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Yext Pages

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Whether they’re looking for your people, your places, or your products, consumers and search engines alike consider your website the authoritative source for facts about your brand. Yext Pages makes it easy to add and update these facts on your website, ensuring that the answers consumers find in intelligent search results are always accurate.

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