Content Endpoints & Streams

Streams is Yext's cutting-edge architecture developed to streamline the delivery of data from the Knowledge Graph to consumer-facing systems, like Search, Pages, Listings, and powers custom-built digital experiences for customers. The Streams infrastructure allows users to query any combination of fields in the Yext Knowledge Graph, across entity relationships, and even across data sources like reviews.

Yext products are pre-built to deliver data, but if you want to power any external application using data stored in Yext, the power of Streams can also be harnessed via Content Endpoints. This means software developers can leverage our flexible, low-latency infrastructure to push and pull data, traverse relationships across entities, and power their own applications.

Content Endpoint
A Content Endpoint enables external users to interface with the Streams architecture. Users configure their own unique Content Endpoint, where they can list out specific fields that they want to access from the Knowledge Graph, including references across related entities. In addition to requesting a list of fields, users can filter the set of data, and specify which fields should be indexed for queries via the Content API.
Content API
The Content API is Yext's low-latency, consumer-grade API intended to fetch data from Content Endpoints for publishing in consumer experiences. Since users define exactly the fields they want to receive in a Content Endpoint configuration, the data gets pre-processed (at index time) so that at query time, the system does not need to traverse the Knowledge Graph to return results.
Content Webhook
Content Webhooks allow applications to receive proactive updates about changes to the data within a Content Endpoint in a push data flow. Just like the Content API, Content Webhooks follow the configuration of the Content Endpoint. Once a webhook is configured for that Endpoint, the application will receive POST messages whenever there is an update to the relevant fields.
Reviews in Content Endpoints
Content Endpoints for Reviews allows you to fetch reviews data, including individual reviews and aggregate statistics about your reviews, while optionally filtering on data from the relevant entity. Since the Content API is low-latency and consumer-grade, it is perfect for fetching your review data to display within your consumer-facing application, such as a web page.

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