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Drive Partner Adoption and Boost Sales With Yext’s Wholesale Portal

Reinvigorate your strategies to improve sales and cross-sells among channel partners.

Enabling channel partners is a common challenge


only 35% of companies have effective development for channel partners8


of sales and marketing leaders are not confident in — or not aware of — their partners’ abilities to deliver consistent and compelling sales experiences**


companies that have already deployed sales enablement platforms to their partners are up to 2.3x more effective at achieving their sales goals and report 1.4x higher revenue growth**

Set your channel partners up for success

Arm sales teams to self-serve

"What deck should I use to pitch our debt solutions?" "I just sold a life insurance policy; now what do I do?" Questions like these happen all the time. By providing direct answers, you can enable your extended distribution network to easily find information about the market, products, services, claims, customer-facing presentations, and more.

Improve onboarding and productivity

Provide direct answers to questions asked by new employees and channel partners to improve onboarding and ongoing productivity.

Gain new insights

What content do your teams engage with the most? What questions don't provide a direct answer? Capture, catalogue, and organize all searches to learn new insights about what products and services are most effective, what partners most frequently search for, and more.

Your single source of truth online for your brand. Information is centralized and managed here so you can provide users with actionable answers to any questions about products, services offered, store locations, and more.

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AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized product and content recommendations in search results based on user intent and real-time behavioral signals.

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A single answer extracted from a larger set of results

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Understand exactly what products your customers are looking for with the specific results they receive, so you can better understand how to improve their experience.

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