Out of the Box Frontend

Search' frontend tools and features make it possible for anyone to build beautiful Search experiences right out of the box — no coding experience needed. With pre-built themes, templates to fit your industry, standardized cards, and more, you have the building blocks to create a frontend that fits your brand and use case.
Hitchhikers Theme
Administrators and other non-developers can take advantage of an out-of-the-box Search UI with the Hitchhikers theme and Jambo, our static site generator. Together, these tools do the heavy lifting of building out a functional Search frontend automatically. The Hitchhikers theme is updated regularly so you can take advantage of the latest and greatest Search frontend features.
Verticalized Solution Templates
Solution Templates are pre-built configurations you can install into your account. With just a few clicks, you can add a Knowledge Graph configuration, Page Builder templates, frontend and backend Search experiences, and platform settings commonly used in your industry, so you can dive right in to customize your experience to fit your brand.
Pre-Built Results Cards and Formatters
Standard cards let you show the right information for each type of data in your Search experience. Out of the box cards are available for locations, FAQs, jobs, professionals, products and more. Plus, each standard card can be forked to customize the layout or add more information. Formatters are available to easily display images, dates, and more on your cards.
Live Preview
Yext's in-platform Code Editor lets any low-code user edit and customize their front-end experience with ease. This includes a Live Preview, which automatically generates a view of how recent code edits would impact your frontend experience so you can test your changes before committing.
Branding and Customization Options
While the Hitchhikers Theme does the heavy lifting to get your frontend Search experience up and running, your search results page should blend seamlessly with the rest of your website and line up with brand standards. That's why it's easy to update brand colors, fonts, card layouts, and more in the Code Editor. For a developer looking for even greater customization, you could even build a custom frontend from scratch.

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Delight customers and drive revenue.

Transform site visitors into customers and learn more about what matters most to them with a dynamic AI site search on your website.
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Capture and convert more local business with location listings. Turn maps, GPS apps, and local directories into your best marketing channel.
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Your online reputation can win or lose you business. Generate, manage, and respond to reviews at scale with Reputation Management from Yext.
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Empower customers and agents to self-serve.

Enable customers to find instant answers to their support questions via FAQs, guides, tutorials, videos, ebooks, manuals, and more
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Decrease case creation by recommending related content based on the issue being raised - right within the case submission form.
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Resolve cases in record time with agent desktop search. Empower agents to drive faster case resolution as they troubleshoot customer issues at scale.
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Answer your customers’ questions before they even reach your help site by improving your ranking and presence in search.
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Deliver a seamless experience with in-app support. Allowing customers to seek help right within your app makes for a superior user experience.
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Supercharge discovery and conversion.

Create an intuitive eCommerce search and discovery experience so you can deliver direct answers to your customers every step of the way.

Turn your website into a conversion engine and streamline the digital customer journey with AI-powered Commerce solutions from Yext.

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Boost employee productivity and satisfaction.

Employees need company information to do their jobs. Make it easy, fast, and fun to find with AI-powered workplace search solutions from Yext.
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Build a world-class search experience.

Build on the Yext platform for a fully custom AI search experience — fast. With SDKs, APIs, and robust documentation, the Yext Answers Platform provides the building blocks to create a bespoke search experience.
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